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Laureate Education, Inc.
COurse developer
  • I collaborated with academic partners in the development of online and blended graduate-level courses and media.  
  • I wrote educational and instructional content for graduate-level psychology, public policy, and social work courses.


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Laura Major

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​​and I am an adult education and copywriting professional based in the Phoenix area.

September 2013 - Present

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June 2011 - June 2013

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I have developed SEO-rich content for websites, landing pages, and blogs.

Check out my romance novel, Mismatched  or my short story, Impetuous Designs, both available   through

My career path has taken many turns. From a Sears sporting goods sales girl to a proxy voting analyst with layovers in financial proofreading, licensed financial services, freelance writing, and graduate course development. All of these experiences have taught me exactly where I excel and where my interests are placed.
The next chapter in professional life will draw upon the skills and knowledge from these prior work experiences to inform and further my freelance writing career.
I look forward to using these skills and experiences for the benefit of a well-respected company with values we both share. 
When I am not writing and researching, you can find me watching Forex and stock charts, researching many areas of interest,  watching a documentary or perfecting my Olympic lifting skills.

In addition to writing content for online graduate courses, I have developed media scripts for those courses.

HOMETOWN: Fords, New Jersey
CURRENT HOME: Phoenix area
DEGREE: BA, English
BA, English
Arizona State University
While many assume that my degree involved diagramming sentences and understanding the difference between a gerund and and article, my time was spent sharpening my critical-thinking skills through literary analysis.
I also have completed financial planning, financial analysis, and business administration graduate courses at the Unviersity of Phoenix and the College for Financial Planning.
Voya Investment Management
Sr. Proxy Voting POlicy analyst
  • I analyze corporate governance and executive compensation proposals of publicly-traded companies for the benefit of mutual fund shareholders using established board-approved procedures and guidelines.
  • I analyze proxy voting policies to ensure continued use of corporate governance best practices with respect to shareholders’ best interests per market, industry, and SEC mandates.